Educational Data Services Compliance

Ed-Data offers Compliance Coordination Services to assist you in meeting various state safety mandates (i.e. Asbestos Management, Pest Management, Flu

Epidemic Plans, Chemical Hygiene Plans, Disposal of Sharps, and more).  We will survey current district documentation, and present a report as to the district’s current status regarding various state mandates.  This program is a perfect complement to our Right-to-Know Services, or can be used on its own.  The program is structured in three phases:

Level I – District Compliance Evaluation

  • Meet with district personnel and review district records to evaluate and assess the current status of each area of compliance.
  • A compliance schedule, which includes mandated compliance training, reporting, and inspection requirements will be created for the district in key areas such as Asbestos Management, Blood-borne Pathogens Chemical Hygiene, Hazardous Communications, Indoor Air Quality, Pandemic Plan, Pest Management, School Safety Plan, Sexual Harassment /Bullying/Intimidation, Suicide Prevention.  Additional areas of interest or concern to the districts can be added at a mutually agreeable rate.
  • This schedule will be presented to the district, reflecting the district’s current compliance standing

Level II – District Compliance Plan

  • The completed district compliance evaluation and schedule is reviewed and translated into a Corrective Action Plan.
  • The CAP will provide recommendations related to each area of compliance. The compliance schedule prepared during Level 1 will be revised to include the CAP for each compliance area.
  • Recommendations will include a list of vendors that have been awarded through the cooperative bid process, as well as supplementary services provided by Ed-Data.

Level III – District Compliance Annual Review

  • The CAP prepared during Level 2 will be revisited annually and the district compliance schedule revised to reflect the current status of the district in each area of compliance.
  • A new CAP will then be prepared and reflected on the revised compliance schedule that provides recommendations for any areas that remain out of compliance or are now out of compliance.

We can also automate district compliance documentation as part of the coordinating process.  Additionally we can organize your staff list to alert you when a group or individual is in need of training.  Therefore allowing you to focus your attention and effort on budget and day-to-day operations.