EDS Online

EDS OnlineOur state-of-the-art online procurement tool is the central cog in our Cooperative Procurement Management Program.  EDS Online pulls together 20+ supply categories, over 65+ trades and ancillary bids.  Making vast amounts of data available from any computer terminal.

Like most schools, you’re forced to do more with less.  Our unique web-based requisitioning tool is easy to implement and requires no work on your part.  We do all the work including staff training.

Streamlined Ordering Process

Requisitioning supplies to accessing skilled trades will be effortless allowing your staff to allocate time to their core responsibilities.

Any staff member can have 24/7 access to cooperative bid pricing across all major supply categories, skilled trades, and ancillary bids.  There is no simpler or more cost-effective way for a classroom teacher to procure their supplies or co-op bids.  The portal also allows administrators to keep a handle on their budgets, approve orders, and budget for the next year.  Additionally, EDS Online provides access to important documents as needed such as W-9s, BRCs, and all other required bid documents.

How Does This Work?

  1. Teachers/Staff login and create requisitions using cooperative bid pricing.
  2. The Principals and/or Directors review and approve their teachers’ orders.
  3. The Business Office can review and approve orders as needed.
  4. Purchase orders can then be printed by Ed-Data on a bulk basis or the PO/Req data can be downloaded directly into the district’s accounting software package.  We currently interface with CSI, Systems 3000, CDK, FM, WinCap, Asbury Park, Information Design, Infomatic, Infinite Visions, Pentamation, EMCC, Emapp, Edmunds, Crosspoint & Edu-Met

The result…….a more efficient way to interface with the cooperative pricing system, therefore saving the district more time and money.

Total Flexibility

All this comes with total flexibility.  The system will be molded to your unique needs.  Benefit from the power of large-scale cooperative pricing with a custom tailored to fit.

Order supplies by grade level, by teacher or by department. Your district can order all or most of your supplies in bulk or throughout the year.  EDS Online can even run two budget years simultaneously Your staff can order for current incidental needs while they’re budgeting for the following years requirements. We also offer seamless integration with most major accounting software packages.  Such as CSI, Systems 3000, CDK, FM, WinCap, Asbury Park, Information Design, Infomatic, Infinite Visions, Pentamation, EMCC, Emapp, Edmunds, Crosspoint & Edu-Met.

Support & Service

We are dedicated to serving our membership with superior service.  Co-op members consider us part of their team, and not just “another vendor”.

As part of our commitment to service we offer onsite training as needed, and helpdesk support for your staff.  After our outside reps have completely setup and trained your staff, an inside representative is assigned to your account.  Whether you have a technical or bid question, you and your staff are always dealing with the same person.  That type of continuity helps ensure success and provides a level of comfort when needed.

Is your school district looking to become more efficient, and do more with less?  One simple step is conversion to our online requisition system.  Many districts find our paperless system is consistent with their school or district-wide environmental initiatives.  Over 300 districts are already enjoying the efficiencies of our online requisition system.  Setup is easy, and requires no work on your part.  We do all the work for you including implementation, and even staff training.

Comforting Simplicity

EDS Online offers everything you need and nothing that you don’t.

Some systems don’t offer enough functionality, while others are too complicated for mass consumption.  EDS Online was designed to provide scalable functionality and a basic user interface that anyone can use and master regardless of technical expertise.

In fact it’s virtually impossible to make a mistake using EDS Online.

  • There is no software for you to maintain.
  • All data resides on our servers.
  • Modify last year’s requisition instead of creating the same order from scratch.
  • Pricing includes shipping for all end-of-year orders; Incidental orders will reflect minimal shipping.
  • Simple point-and-click interface.
  • Accessible from any computer using any web-browser.

Everyone Benefits

Some systems simply shift the workload from one person to another.  There are no bottlenecks with EDS Online.

Teachers benefit….

  • Modify last year’s reqs instead of creating a complete order from scratch.
  • View, create, and modify reqs from any location with access to the net.
  • All items reflect bid pricing, with shipping included.
  • The system keeps a running tally of all orders, and revisions.

Supervisors & Principals benefit…..

  • The approval process has never been easier thanks to the system’s ability to manipulate data with an efficient report generator.  Manipulate key data and review totals by location, account code and/or user.
  • Complete your approvals in one sitting or do a little at a time.  The system tracks which reqs you have approved, and which are still pending approval.

The Business Office benefits…..

  • Get a snapshot of your total supply budget or dissect it by account code, user and/or location with a few clicks of the mouse.
  • It’s easy to track the status of approvals progress.

Secretaries benefit….

  • There are no booklets or summary reports to distribute, track and collect.
  • All paperwork is eliminated.