EDS Online

EDS OnlineOur state-of-the-art online procurement tool is the central cog in our Cooperative Procurement Management Program.  EDS Online pulls together 20+ supply categories, over 65+ trades and ancillary bids.  Making vast amounts of data available from any computer terminal.

Like most schools, you’re forced to do more with less.  Our unique web-based requisitioning tool is easy to implement and requires no work on your part.  We do all the work including staff training.

Streamlined Ordering Process

Requisitioning supplies to accessing skilled trades will be effortless allowing your staff to allocate time to their core responsibilities.

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Total Flexibility

All this comes with total flexibility.  The system will be molded to your unique needs.  Benefit from the power of large-scale cooperative pricing with a custom tailored to fit.

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Support & Service

We are dedicated to serving our membership with superior service.  Co-op members consider us part of their team, and not just “another vendor”.

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Comforting Simplicity

EDS Online offers everything you need and nothing that you don’t.

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Everyone Benefits

Some systems simply shift the workload from one person to another.  There are no bottlenecks with EDS Online.

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