Supply Bids

School Supplies, though a small fraction of the budget, consume a disproportionate amount of time to bid and/or procure. Conducting your own supply bid is not cost-effective, and state contracts can be tedious and cumbersome.  These contracts typically offer high pricing with many exclusions and price changes throughout the year. Ed-Data can change this from Classroom Supplies to Custodial Supplies from Art to Health Supplies.

Our services feature inclusion in the most dynamic supply bids available. With over 20 major supply categories available through one easy to use requisition system, our co-op bids have become the preferred purchasing tool for districts across the tri-state area.

Why is Ed-Data the largest cooperative bid of its kind?

Save Time

All bid work is done for co-op members including bid advertisements, bid mailings, bid openings, preparation of award letters, etc.  We even maintain and make documents available online such as Business Registration Certificates, W-9s, and other bid documents such as stockholder certifications, affirmative action statements, etc.

Save Money

The sheer size of the cooperative coupled with our unique bid model creates the perfect storm resulting in the overall lowest bid pricing available.

Our bids average between $1.5 – $2.5 million, with hundreds of districts participating, making this co-op the largest of it’s kind.

Additionally, our bids are prepared based on actual teacher needs and requests. We analyze thousands of teachers’ orders, which enables us to capture the items that matter most. All of our bids are based on this data, therefore guaranteeing a meaningful bid list, yielding the highest discounts on high volume items.  Our results would be impossible to achieve with an ad hoc market basket.

Guaranteed Purchasing Compliance

Purchasing Laws and compliance can be complex and confusing.   As a co-op member you will have peace-of-mind that all purchasing through our system is compliant and meets the state’s purchasing regulations.  Ed-Data has administered co-ops in 3 states over a span of 40+ years.  Over that period our services have been recommended by state monitors and have never been part of an audit finding. All bids are awarded by a school district within your state.

Turn-key Customized Service

Participating in a shared service with hundreds of districts does not mean a one-size fits all approach.   We realize each district, and in some cases schools within a district, are all very different with unique approaches and needs.

We completely customize a purchasing calendarpackaging preference and delivery schedule based on your unique needs.  For example, some schools like to order all of their supplies for summer delivery and prefer to have each teacher order their own supplies, while a neighboring district may prefer to order as needed by grade level.  Maybe your district falls somewhere in between.   We will adapt our system to fit any variable imaginable.

After we understand your unique needs, we then will meet with and train all staff included in the purchasing process including Principals, Secretaries, Teachers, Custodians, and Athletic Directors.  After the initial setup we assign a dedicated customer service representative to your account.  You will always be dealing with the same person when you have a question. We can help with vendor issues, system related questions or bid questions.  We’re always there to support our co-op members.

Purchasing Simplicity

All orders will originate from our simple online requisition system.  Our portal enables your staff to purchase most any supply imaginable.  This ensures accurate bid pricing and a frustration free experience from teachers to accounts payable.   You will avoid typical procurement issues such as incorrect pricing, PO/invoice discrepancies, pricing changes, exclusions, non-bid vendors, exceeding quote threshold, and wasting time trying to find vendors, just to name a few.  Click here to learn more about EDS Online.