Educational Data Services Vendor ServicesCould your business benefit from an increased customer base?

Let Educational Data Services put you in line to win bids in your school supply category. Our cooperative bidding service represents over 500 school districts throughout the tri-state area.

Bids are conducted for all major supply categories from General Classroom Supplies to Custodial Supplies. Here’s why you should be an Ed-Data bidder:

  • Awarded vendors have the potential to receive orders from over 300 school districts and up to 1500 individual schools through one bid.
  • Our bid package program streamlines the bid process. Your bids are automatically extended & totaled.
  • Winning vendors can have their catalog code numbers incorporated into future bids, making the bidding process even less time consuming.
  • Awarded vendors can receive purchase orders on diskette or via email, therefore significantly reducing costs associated with bidding.
  • Through Ed-Data’s unique bid program, an awarded vendor’s entire catalog can be made available to each school district.