Educational Data Services: Bidding System

Bidding System

The cooperative provides vendors with an opportunity to win bids covering a wide range of school supply categories and services. The cooperative reaches over 700 public entities, mostly comprised of school districts throughout New Jersey and New York. The bids are hosted by a lead agency in each state.

Bids are conducted for all major supply categories from General Classroom Supplies to Custodial Supplies.

Ed-Data Benefits Vendors

  • Awarded vendors have the potential to receive business from over 700 co-op members.
  • Through Ed-Data’s procurement system, a vendor’s catalog or services are accessed by over 150,000 customers at the time of purchase.
  • Our services are supported by our co-op members. Payments from vendors on co-op sales are not accepted.
  • The Ed-Data Bidding System streamlines the bid process. One bid award provides access to thousands of motivated customers.
  • Winning vendors can have their catalog code numbers incorporated into future bids, making the bidding process even less time-consuming.
  • Awarded vendors can receive purchase orders electronically, significantly reducing costs associated with bidding.