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Trades & Services Bids

Our Cooperative Procurement Management Services offers a robust assortment of skilled trades & ancillary bids available on a cooperative basis. The package covers everything from skilled trades to technology bids such as IP Integration Services.

You have enough on your plate maintaining the district’s facilities. Leave the hassles associated with bidding to the cooperative. You will have access to dozens of skilled trades, services, and ancillary bids complete with awarded vendors and bid pricing, on a time and material or line-item basis. Not only will you be rid of the bidding hassle, but also you can rest assured that you’re complying with state procurement regulations. Whether the need is routine such as annual maintenance or an emergency, you will have the tools to address the situation without delay.

From boiler repair to window glazing to lead inspection, hundreds of co-op members are enjoying the peace of mind and efficiency offered by this low-cost, cooperatively bid solution. All bid on a county-by-county basis to ensure local vendor participation.

Some of the highlights are….

  • Skilled Trades such as electrical, clocks & intercom, glazing, painting, etc.
  • Lead water testing and abatement
  • IP Integration
  • Compliance Services (i.e. Asbestos Management, Pest Management)
  • Textbook Freight – save up to 50% off publisher shipping rates
  • Athletic Reconditioning Bid
  • Musical Instrument Repair
  • Data Storage Retrieval
  • and many more…

You are free of the tedious bid work and can rest assured that your contracted services are bid according to the public bid process.