Educational Data Services: Cooperative Procurement Management Program

Why Ed-Data

Ed-Data Provides Cost-Effective Cooperative Purchasing

Educational Data Services: Save time and reduce work

Save time & reduce work.

One-stop shopping! Access bid pricing across hundreds of vendors covering supplies, equipment, and services from your desktop. Our platform eliminates the frustration and work associated with state and county contracts or vetting national contracts. Plus our platform seamlessly integrates with most major financial software such as nVision, Systems 3000, WinCap, CSI, CDK, and more…

Educational Data Services: Streamline purchasing

Streamline the cumbersome purchasing process.

Purchasing is simplified when the end-user has access to enter their request. Reduce bottlenecks and miscommunication in the procurement process. Complying with local procurement regulations is as simple as shopping with complete administrative oversight.

Educational Data Services: Reduce costs

Reduce cost & maximize your supply budget.

Our platform facilitates vendor competition and leverages co-op members’ order history to ensure the cooperative bids align with your needs, therefore driving down pricing and providing budgetary savings.

Educational Data Services: Reduce costs

Ensure compliance with state bidding regulations.

All bids on our platform are awarded by a local host in your state. Ed-Data is routinely recommended by business officials and state monitors and our services have been implemented as part of corrective action plans. Additionally, a joint study conducted by the NJASBO and Rutgers University Institute on Education Law and Policy recognized Ed-Data as a “Best Practice”.

Educational Data Services: Customer service and support

Customer service support.

Our co-op members view us as partners—an extension of their business office. Whether you or your staff have a question about our platform, a bid, or need assistance resolving a vendor issue…we are here to help! Each member gets a dedicated client services representative to guide teachers, staff, and administrators through the purchasing process.

Get started with Ed-Data

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Teachers and Other End-Users

  • One-stop shopping! Access all major supply categories and dozens of vendors.
  • Access to your key suppliers with net delivered bid pricing!
  • Co-op pricing allows teachers to maximize their budget.


  • Review/approve all teacher requests from your computer.
  • All supply orders contain correct final bid pricing.
  • POs for summer delivery are done for you! Free up time during the busy end-of-year rush.


  • Every order in Ed-Data complies with state procurement requirements.
  • All supply orders are reviewed, modified, and approved through a simple interface.
  • Bid pricing and budgetary controls reduce the chance of overspending.